femininity, law, and order

femininity, law, and order: policing the body in a changing city

theoretical thesis for my Integrated Master’s in Architectural Engineering (10/10)
This research project, conducted as my theoretical thesis for the School of Architectural Engineering and awarded a 10/10, studied how policing, as an accomplice to gentrification, leads to the displacement of populations, not only through class difference but gender difference as well. Heavy policing is connected to surveillance under the command of “law and order” in the city. I used qualitative research to document the experiences of femininities in Athens, in the area between Exarchia and Kypseli, where a new METRO line and stations are planned to be constructed. Changes in the neighbourhoods, the way those are depicted in mass media, power relations in the city, and space occupation by different groups are also discussed. Other aspects of the study include street harassment, its impact on bodies, and the way in which police training and practice aids and prolongs sexist behaviour. An emphasis is put on police delinquency.

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zine generated through a collaboration of person and machine

photography by me
words by computer’s autofill

This project was conducted during my stay in Istanbul as an Erasmus+ student at Mimar SInan Fine Arts University. 

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Kypseli-Mets is my first zine, documenting a route in the center of Athens, one I used to follow in order to visit an ex lover at their workplace.

It is the work that gave me confidence to start writing poetry and short stories, and sparked my obsession with photobooks.

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