make me rich

lego based arduino robot fighters

“For what did they shed the blood of their brothers, the workers and peasants of their neighbouring country? For what did they cripple people? They will not tell you, they will not answer, because they themselves do not really know.”

Kollontai, A. (1984). Alexandra Kollontai: Selected Articles and Speeches (1st ed.). Intl Pub.

shelter for a body


“Shelter for a body” is a temporary heterotopic construction or installation, designed as a form of protection, and womb of a sensual experience for abnormal, threatened bodies. It is compiled of three different parts, a plywood, structural one,an inflatable upper part that is activated through the use of Arduino with an ultrasonic sensor, and soft, fabric configurations that the body is invited to inhabit. This project discusses power relations in nation states and the way in which material space configurations can lead to a sensual physical experience. The construction that is designed is placed in and encroaches upon vacant lots in the dense urban fabric, in order to claim inhabitation to the precious urban «void».Follows the idea of inflatables to create the feeling that body and construction “breathe” together in a single skin and render the limits between body and space indistinct.
diploma project for the School of Architectural Engineering, NTUA (10/10)



installation, steel and glass mirrors
collaborative project for the school of Architectural Engineering

“Epopteia” proposes a new way of viewing the world, freed from the limits imposed upon us by traditional ways of seeing. Through a system of triangular catoptric constructions, the viever can oversee events that occur outside their immediate field of vision.

This piece was part of the “9 transitions, the imaginary museum” exhibition, Old Oil Mill, Elefsina